Born into a family of 3 jewellery families Gerold Mueller has always had a natural connection to creating and designing “space”. In his young years and even until today his hobby has been to design his own living spaces or jewellery gallery. When it came to the decision to study architecture or jewellery design, Gerold kept to his family tradition and enrolled at Fachochschule fuer Gestaltung in Pforzheim, class of Professors Klaus Ullrich and Herman Stark, Jablonsky in Sculpture, Brodwolf in Drawing, Ackermann in Stone sculpture and Ben Willikens in Painting. 

Together with his partner Elisabeth he moved to the jewellery city of Pforzheim and from 1975 until 1980, he studied Jewellery and Object Design and graduating with a Diploma. Many internationally well known teachers where his instructors, who formed his knowledge in technical skills and formal design. Nowadays in his Vancouver Metal Art School classes , Gerold often recounts stories about his drawing teacher Professor Brodwolf, who guided him to draw the human body for which we create our jewellery. Professor Ackermann was a very important teacher for Gerold in gem design, as were teachers like Augenstein in Silversmithing or Koenig in Goldsmithing. Professors Arndt and Willikens (both in Painting) and Jablonsky (Sculpture) furthermore shaped Gerold’s outstanding feeling for a perfect form.

After graduation from the Fachhochschule, Gerold opened a jewellery Gallery in his home town of Konstanz from where he created his jewellery style and served many outstanding and interesting clients. From 1985 – 1991 Gerold was free lance designer and model goldsmith for a jewellery company in Pforzheim and from 1990 until his immigration to Canada he served the Swiss jewellery market with his own contemporary jewellery collection as well he offered apprenticeships and internships to many young people.

1992 the life changing decision was born to start the process of immigrating to Canada, where in 1996, Gerold became the manager of a well-known West Coast jewellery design gallery in Vancouver.

In 2001 Gerold started his own Jewellery Design school in Nelson, BC which in 2006, he relocated to North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Many of his students have since received the same credentials from his teachings like Gerold was given from his teachers in FHG Pforzheim, the University of Applied Science, School of Art.