I offer a very wide variety of different cut Diamonds, not only the common known cuts. There are many other possibilities which make your jewellery very special and outstanding. We would love to show you some varieties within an appointment at the store. To be honest to all my visitors to the store, I have diamonds generally not on stock but I have some dealers on hand.


You can have rough cut or rose cut as well as  different shapes and colours. Just ask about the possibilities and I can make you an offer.

You can also use this link to start getting a view about the different possibilities.


The Colour Scheme


We distinguish between following qualifications:



Colourless = D

Near colourless = E - F - G

faint yellow = H - I - J - K

very light yellow = L - M - N

light yellow

fancy coloured




VVS1 = Very, very slight inclusions

VVS2 = Very, very small Inclusions

VS1 = Very slight inclusions

VS2 = Very small inclusions

SI1 = Slight inclusions

SI2 = Small inclusions


Inclusions, or tiny identifying marks found within a diamond interfere with the diamonds brilliance and fire. The fewer and smaller the inclusions the more brilliant and more valuable the stone.