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Die Goldschmiede - Jewellery by Gerold

A World of Contemporary and outstanding Jewellery.

For the authentic and distinct art lover,

For the person who wants to distinguish her or himself from other jewellery wearers.

About Me

Born into a family of 3 jewellery families I was always drawn to the fact to design something unique, not serial. For a couple of years I was a freelance designer for a jewellery company through which I learned many specific production technics.

After doing the huge step to immigrate to Canada I opened up a private registered school for Jewellery Designers in Nelson/BC. For 18 years I enjoyed very much to teach young people the knowledge I have been priviledged to learn at the University of Applied Sciience, School of Art, Pforzheim..

Yes, Old World Goldsmith skills and the Cultural Background give me the opportunity to develop pieces of art which are not only based on inspiration by existing forms but enable the human beeing to develop new aspects of a formal language.

This describes the basis of my work which is focused on the goal to create jewellery art in an artistic language.

Die Goldschmiede - Jewellery by Gerold


My designs are originating through an academic approach and how the sole piece is developed. I am not inspired by nature first...

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