Australian Boulder Opal


Coloured Gem Stones

I am offerintg all types of Gem Stones from all over the world. Generally we try to find your gem of choice with a supplier in Vancouver. If gem size or quality can't be delivered in Vancouver or Canada we will use our long time supplier relationships with gem dealers from my home country of Germany.

Here are some web sites you may consider to get a taste of gem variations in cuts and possibilities:

Philip Becker


Andreas Hochstrasser

Also we encourage customers to think about unusual and rare gems. I know a lot of customers who were really happy to find a special gem and they got satisfied collectors of "their" gems.

Not only the material value of a gem makes a stone special. It may be the colour or the myth of a stone which could be much more important for you. 

We also offer free form gem designs for your jewellery.

Gem Stones are mined out of our earth. They have all different kind of specific specifications, they are unique and we goldsmiths are giving them the final artistic frame. Turning these remarkable stones into exceptional pieces of jewelry means appreciating their forms and character at the deepest level. Understanding the spirit of our stones and other precious materials also means we must respect the people and communities who provide them. We attach high importance to how our metals, gemstones and pearls are mined and harvested. We also select our traders and gemstone cutters carefully, observing fair practices and accepting responsibility for our planetary environment. Our jewelry is not only aesthetically beautiful – it is spiritual. Each piece is made with love, to be treasured and worn close to its owner’s body year after year.