One of a Kind Jewellery Art Pieces

I also create you your jewellery or metal art piece with your metal or gems. Very often people have unused jewellery, old used gold or gems which I can melt or unset and rebuild it into a new jewellery. The cost of a jewellery is in such a case substantial lower.


What means decorating a human body?

Since now over 30 years I create custom designs for the unique and outstanding clientele and I would like to invite all art lovers and jewellery enthusiasts to ask for your special jewellery art piece. I would be happy to create your One of a Kind piece, a piece of unforgettable jewellery art.

In all epochs from the early beginning of human life the aspect of jewellery (Decorating a human body) had always an artistic expression. Each object had either a deep cultural or social aspect which shows the persons standing in the society and a special connection between what the creator wants to express and the wearer wants to say. In other words: The decoration of a human body was authentic and had a special aura surrounding it. We could expand this idea to say that creating small scale objects can also decorate a space which was created by a human being. Therefore my goal is to decorate human bodies and spaces.


Just come by and get inspired by our small jewellery sculptures or even by the environment of a small creative space, from a workshop where past culture guides you into the future.




You can consider also other options for doing art pieces in precious metal:


Wedding Bands and also Engagement Rings

Traditional and/or Contemporary Jewellery

Cuff Links

Men Jewellery


Game Figures


Corporate Gifts

or whatever you can think of like repairs.



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