Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

- what has to be considered


From time to time I am getting asked if I do not have wedding band or engagement ring images on file for interested customers to view.

“Unfortunately not” will be my answer because there is a reason for this.

My promise to customers is always that they will get a unique piece of jewellery from me which only they have commissioned to me, developed the idea they had with me and watched closely when I was building it up. It is only theirs. 

All the times in my career as a jewellery designer when I had shown my customers some of my images of example wedding bands the customers said, “oh, I would like to have the same piece” too. This was mostly not possible because the customers I made this jewellery before wanted to have the piece as a unique made piece, only for them.


I gave up on this and always try to convince my customers to work with me to create “that special and unique” jewellery which only is connected to the newly married couple. That is my approach now since 33 years (out of 38 years) of doing this profession together with my valued customers in Germany as well as in Canada.


How do I go this road with my customers?

First I ask for “hints” how they see a wedding jewellery. Traditionally designed, contemporary, with many elements of the future couple symbols or elements, religious, different materials, etc.

Secondly I make first idea sketches to figure out if I had the right understanding with both the customers. Also I ad to the given thoughts my brought deep experience what I could add to it and to give the customers a comprehensive offer to chose from.

Sometimes customers may be not so sure about some designs and how they would look in reality and in such a case I make them 2 – 3 either wax or simple Silver models so that they have a better view of it.

In zeroing in by drawings and discussions I find the final piece with the customers and from that point on the Goldsmith’s work begins.

You will be very much surprised how many different wedding band solutions I can offer to you.

Working on engagement rings or wedding bands takes some time, minimum 6 weeks. When gems would be involved I love 8 weeks to work on. If you would choose a rare gem, 12 weeks would be lovely to find the right gem.



It will be an honor to design your special jewellery soon.