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My promise to my customers


My promise to customers is always that they will get a unique piece of jewellery from me which only they have commissioned to me, developed the idea they had with me and watched closely when I was building it up. It is only theirs. 

All the times in my career as a jewellery designer when I had shown my customers some of my images of example wedding bands the customers said, “oh, I would like to have the same piece” too. This was mostly not possible because the customers I made this jewellery before wanted to have the piece as a unique made piece, only for them.


I would love to design and make you YOUR "ring of your life together". I did my entire life as a Goldsmith and jewellery Designer Engagement Rings and Wedding bands for my customers but my approach to this special jewellery was always done in a way focusing solely on the wishes and interests to my customers. Most people like but also are used to go into a jewellery store and chose one of the "2000" available wedding bands or engagement rings. The rings are not special, thousands of other people wear it too, maybe your direct neighbor or your co-worker.


My philosophy is completely different. I form and build a ring together with my customers from the first step into my studio on. Every idea, every technical approach is based on discussions and therefore the rings we create together are like the relationship both partners have created together. Views, experiences, wearing aspects, likes or dislikes, different materials, the meaning of a chosen gem, everything flows into our meaningful appointments and form the spiritual elements a couple will wear for most of their lives.




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