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Customer appreciation

I appreciate and recognize very much the fact that customers have to use the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island. Even in the most times of such a ferry ride it is not only a connecting of two harbours, the sailing is also a first class scenic experience, even the waves can be sometimes quite fearful. My offer now is that everybody who buys a jewellery in the value of can$ 750 and up will get the ferry ride as a gift card of can$ 30.

If a customer buys a jewellery in the value of can$ 699 or under I will honour this business with a gift card in the value of can$ 20.

Using the customers Gold and/or Silver Metal (little restrictions may apply) is for me a very old tradition. Even when we had a Fine Gold Price of US $ 150 many years ago I used the customer material for a new designed piece of metal art. Many jewellery people make a big fass out of it but almost every piece of heirloom jewellery will be appreciated to be used for something new. The same applies to gems. Many years ago a customer brought a huge Emerald from Berlin, Germany. Should I have said “no, I will only work with gems I bought for my customers”? No, for sure not. Gems with a higher value of can$ 500 should be accompanied with an appraisal, signed by an official appraiser.