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Welcome to the World of Gems

Using Gems in jewellery has quite some interesting meanings. For many people Gems are first of all about value. Gems are also about beauty, beauty of colour, beauty of the Gem cut, beauty in the meaning of the Gem. Gems have an internal life, they show and they are witnesses of life and time. They are part of the life on Earth, they are part of the physical development of the Earth and they can tell us how old they are and why they have their beautiful look.

When you deeply think about all the attributes you may be seeing the beauty of an other person in a Gem, the beautiful inner characteristics of your partner, the colour of the eyes of a loved one. Gems, like the design of a jewellery, are the expression of the feelings of the wearer of the jewellery.

For me a Gem is first of all a colour in an arrangement of a form. The inner life of a Gem is important and not the clarity. The Australian Boulder Opal is my gem of choice because this stone has outstanding inner showing of life and colour and it is not only a gem of clarity.