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How do we handle Orders?

If you order a jewellery through the online process the delivery time would be in average 4 weeks. The reason is that we can't have 3 - 5 pieces finished on stock. Pieces would have to be made for the customers ring size or a customer would like to have a specific stone implemented which would have to be ordered by a gem dealer. Maybe a customer wants to have a basically Sterling Silver ring in partly Silver, partly gold, which means, part of the piece has to be casted in Gold and partly in Silver. All the offered pieces have this possibility that customers can chose from an abundance of variations and therefore it is just not possible that the jewellery pieces are constantly available.

Using the customers Gold and/or Silver Metal (little restrictions may apply) is for me a very old tradition. Even when we had a Fine Gold Price of US $ 150 many years ago I used the customer material for a new designed piece of metal art. Many jewellery people make a big fass out of it but almost every piece of heirloom jewellery will be appreciated to be used for something new. The same applies to gems. Many years ago a customer brought a huge Emerald from Berlin, Germany. Should I have said “no, I will only work with gems I bought for my customers”? No, for sure not. Gems with a higher value of can$ 500 should be accompanied with an appraisal, signed by an official appraiser.