How ordering works


How does ordering work?


We begin with a personal one-on-one consultation through  a proprietary business communication platform like Microsoft Teams (My suggestion, not a must) to discuss your ideas, expectations and desires. I will help you on this path of idea development to select precious metals and stones or to use heirloom jewellery you may want o put in your new jewellery art piece.


During the second consultation, I will present you with concepts and drawings customized to your love story, allowing you to visualize the final work of art. Within three to four weeks, we will unveil a finished design – a treasured piece of jewellery that is truly unique.


People from the Vancouver Lower Mainland I would like to invite to a visit to Bowen Island for a life consultation in a small and very unique coffee shop/ CHOCOLATIER.


As a practical fact we would have to discuss how to determine a ring size or which chain length you would like to order?

Either you know your ring size from an earlier visit in a jewellery store or you can go to one and ask for the size of the finger you want a ring for.

If you do not want to do this you can use a cotton string and you measure the circumference of your knuckle AND the circumference behind the knuckle and your palm.  The measurement should be in cm or mm.

You also can give me an order of a piece which you saw on the Gallery page but has to be developed new with your input in mind.  In this case you can E-Mail me and tell me your view or suggestions. I will make preliminary suggestions in some sketches and give you a price range. In case you want to have done your new jewellery piece I would ask for a down payment of a quarter of the offered price. In most cases a One of a Kind Piece will be done within 4 -6 weeks, except I would have to order a rare stone, like a Boulder Opal from Australia.