Every human being is unique and therefore it deserves a unique jewellery  



My jewellery is very different from the mass-produced fashion jewellery which we find on most internet sites or at major retailers. 

All the art pieces are designed and made by hand. I use old traditional metalsmithing techniques in working with precious metals . If I have to carve in wax for metal sculptures or a limited edition I do it by hand and not by a 3 D printing machine.

My work is a continuation of skillfully made metal art work in the historic tradition of a Goldsmith. 

For me jewellery do not need an accompanied story told by the jewellery maker but they are speaking for themselves. The chosen form, it’s accents or given proportions are emphasizing the meaning or formal language which is comprehended by the wearer of the jewellery.

When a jewellery is made the wearer or viewer can see in the piece her/his personal interpretations. The little shown formal elements in metal, gem stones, colours, surface texture is what the customer likes and is attracted too.  We could talk about a conversation between the person and the jewellery. Formal aspects but also types of used gems and their colour  may trigger such a “conversation”.

The jewellery is also talking  to the sensibilities of the interested jewellery person. Let’s say a jewellery is mostly not entirely polished. A change in fine surface texture in contrast to a polished small area is for me and the customer like a painting with different areas of colour, an addition of a square Ruby or Diamond is like a point of light, not an aspect of financial possibilities.

My art pieces talk to all the people who do not see it as a priority to show an expensive piece, they do not need to show their personal wealth. My customers want to show how they enjoy art, how they want to decorate their body with formal elements.